Borden-Henryville Schools care about student safety and wellbeing. If you know of a safety concern or simply want to alert school officials of a potential issue send an email to


In compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) AHERA regulations, Borden-Henryville Community Schools has completed school inspections for the presence of asbestos-containing building materials. Management Plans for these materials have been developed and are available for your review. Each school has a copy of their Management Plan on file in the administration office. The Borden-Henryville Schools are committed to complying with the AHERA regulations. The actions we have taken are at least as stringent if not more stringent than those required by the EPA. We encourage you questions and interest in this matter. We hope that you will review your School’s Management Plan at your convenience.

During the spring and summer of 2002 and summer of 2003 a renovation/remodeling project was undertaken in all school buildings. Asbestos removal took place under the direction of Astesco Laboratory, Inc. and other contractors. Now; all known asbestos has been removed from all buildings. However, all buildings will still be monitored, as per AHERA regulations, due to the remote possibility that any further asbestos might be discovered.

If there is a concern on air quality within any BHSC facility, please refer all questions to Sam Gardner, Superintendent, 812-913-9630.