Stay at Home Guidelines

Notify your schools health office for flu or strep positives.

Stay Home Guidelines

The following are general guidelines to follow to determine if you should keep your child home from school. This is not all inclusive, but provides some general rules.


  • Has a temperature of 100.0 or above, although any fever if accompanied by symptoms.
  • Has a fever the evening before school, he/she should be fever free for 24 hours off any fever reducing medication before returning to school.
  • Is vomiting, he/she should be episode free for 24 hours before returning to school.
  • Has diarrhea during the night, keep him/her home until free of symptoms.
  • Has Streptococcal throat infection (positive culture/Strep. Throat) by doctor, he/she should be on an antibiotic for 24 hours before returning to school and without fever.
  • Has wound drainage or open sores the areas must be covered by a bandage to attend school.
  • Has had Chicken pox, exclude from school for one week after eruptions first appear or until vesicles become dry.
  • Has red glassy eye(s) with purulent drainage, pink-eye must be treated 24 hours and no drainage before returning to school.
  • Has head lice with live bugs.